joi, 6 mai 2010

A little beatle story

When i was a little girl i asked my mother if i will be happy and loved for the rest of my life... I saw her standing there, near my father, so calm and i just couldn't wait for her words .She slowly turned around and said:
-Do you want to know a secret?
-No reply...
-Oh!Darling, now you're just a little child, but you'll grow up and with a little help from your friends every little thing will come to you; You will be happy because with their love you'll fly across the universe... Look outside , on the window, tell me what you see... It's only love.. You just have to act naturally and follow the sun.
In my life when i'm sad all i've got to do is to drive my car and listen to rock and roll music... Here there and everywhere people are getting better when they do that. But this is me... It won't be long and you'll understand... and I want to tell you something to remember: money is not important... Now ask me why
-Why mother?
-Because tomorrow never knows...and now you have to think for yourself... Take a guess...
-Because money can't buy me love, isn't it?
-Ain't she sweet, she asked my father with a funny smile..
-Yes she is!
-I've got a feeling you won't let me down.. when i'm sixty four you'll be my litlle Lucy in the sky with diamonds living in a Yellow Submarine having your birthday eight days a week...
Darling I just wish you all my loving...

the end